Victorian Milton tile cleaning and restoration

Badgers Cleaning Services are experts in hard floor cleaning and restoration across Devon, Somerset and Cornwall. Victorian tiles can add a distinctive touch of class to feature areas in any modern property. As well as providing that touch of elegance, they are also a hardwearing and practical surface.

Originally used as ornament medieval churches and monastery flooring, Victorian geometric Minton tiles are ofttimes neglected, hidden under years of dirt and grime, and sometimes even completely covered underneath past floor installations. If you have aged or worn Victorian Minton tiling in your home and would like it restored it to its former glory, Badgers Cleaning Services are here to help.


You may be surprised at how much of an improvement a professional clean and restoration can make to those faded Minton tiles. We have the experience of working with floors in all kinds of conditions, and can often make them to look as if they’ve been freshly installed. If you’re thinking of replacing your old Victorian tiles we would suggest first considering a restoration. As Minton tiles are wonderfully and unique, part of our history, and restoration of the original tiles offers a cheaper and some cases, more attractive finish to modern alternatives.

If you’ve recently uncovered some Minton tiles in your home, we’d generally advise getting a professional to take a look. In some cases, carpets or tiling can be glued down to the surface of Victorian floors and an attempt to remove them without the right tools and chemicals can damage the Milton surface beyond repair. Since colours fade over time and Minton tiles are often very old, finding replacements to any damaged tiles to fit in and properly match the existing Victorian Minton units can be a challenge (much better avoided).