CLEANING Terracotta flooring and Quarry Tiles

Badgers Cleaning Services are experts in hard floor cleaning and restoration across Devon, Somerset and Cornwall. With All of our cleaning and protection solutions are safe with tried and tested products effective yet kind to your flooring. As well as being the most up to date available.

The surfaces of terracotta among the easiest traditional materials to clean incorrectly. Serious problems can be caused by abrasive cleaning methods, acid and alkali cleaning products, and mechanical cleaning methods including metal brushes. This is why an experienced professional approach employed by Badgers Cleaning Services is recommended, as we have the right sort of technology and cleaning products to clean, seal and restore flooring to a like-new condition.

our Terracotta AND Quarry tile Cleaning process

Fired clay units have very different properties and sensitivities as regards to cleaning. With the starting point understanding the material. Both glazed and unglazed terracotta, tile and brick surfaces soil most heavily in areas of where there is the heaviest concentration of water saturation. Soiling is commonly concentrated at the edges of blocks in the around mortar or grout joints. Most dirt and soiling is not actually water-soluble so cannot be removed using water alone. While there may be an intense black colour to it, it is usually a very thin layer but is tenacious in resisting removal.