Cleaning and POLISHING Marble FLOORS

Badgers Cleaning Services are experts in hard floor cleaning and restoration across Devon, Somerset and Cornwall. Regular maintenance and marble polishing are the answer to keeping your brilliant flooring, surfaces and tiles looking their best. Naturally your marble floor will lose its shine over time just by simply walking on it, so re-polishing is a great process that will restore the brilliant shine to your floors surface, which we do across Devon, Somerset and in Cornwall.

If a marble floor has not been cleaned and polished correctly or has had a painted-on sealant, it can discolour the floor making it look dull - even making the you consider changing it. At Badgers Cleaning Services, our experienced marble floor polishing team will restore your floor so that it’s not only a pleasure to look at again but it will also be easier to maintain into the future.

Marble Floor Clean MAINTENANCE and Re-Polishing

Badgers Cleaning Services offer a wide variety of marble floor polishing applications to suit all of your surfaces needs. There are many different types of polishing processes that can enhance the look of your marble floor, from light buffing that can be carried out on a daily / weekly basis to a deep grind, specialist cleaning and shine using polishing powders and diamond pads.

For a domestic property with low foot traffic; we advise maintenance marble polishing can be carried out from once to twice yearly appointments. With advice given on the do’s and don’ts to best care for your floor. Having a Marble floor polish is a quick and inexpensive way of maintaining the shine of your marble floor and can add protection that will make the appearance of your marble floors last for years longer.