Granite Tile, Slate & Natural Stone floor cleaning and re-sealing

Badgers Cleaning Services are experts in hard floor cleaning and restoration across Devon, Somerset and Cornwall. We work on many different types of natural stone, from Granite, Slate, Sandstone tiles and more, put to use across a wide range of floors. The advantages and vulnerabilities of each type of stone are drastically different, but our experience, equipment and dedication ensure we get the best possible result for you. Natural stone floors are an investment worth looking after and protecting.

Stone Floor Cleaning

Regular footfall, occasional moisture, pets and general wear and tear the finishing of the tile will wear down over time. If you’ve noticed your flooring becoming generally dull, the loose its finish making your flooring look lifeless it may need to be re-polished to bring it back to its former glory.

We employ a range of professional treatments to repair worn or damaged granite tile, slate or natural stone floors. Generally, our technique involves using a specialist polish solution to buff out the visible damage, before applying a finishing polish and a reseal. Though with cases of etching we would need to assess the scale of the damage first.