Ceramic AND Porcelain floor cleaning

Badgers Cleaning Services are experts in hard floor cleaning and restoration across Devon, Somerset and Cornwall. Many of the new ceramic and porcelain tiles in today’s market are manufactured to look like real stone and these imitations are quite impressive, fooling many cleaning firms. The tiles are a glazed clay fired material normally not requiring any re-sealing of the tile itself. Giving excellent protection and resistance to the absorption of dirt – as long as the correct tile grade has been laid for the level of use / traffic received. However, grout lines do loose there seal on floors (and walls) and it is highly recommended to reseal these with the choice nowadays of using different colours.

Porcelain AND Ceramic Floor Cleaning, colour enhancing and COLOUR impregnating

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles typically have a glazed upper surface that does make them much hardier, but when that becomes scratched or pitted makes the floor look worn, whereas the same amount of wear on natural stone tiles will not show, or at least be less noticeable.

Due to inappropriate or inferior sealers or impregnators (or even the lack of) used by tilers, grout lines on these floor types can become stained. Correcting this can be achieved by specialist treatment of the grout lines.